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Maria Moguel

HOLA, is a wonderful Spanish School, my kids had the opportunity to attend Summer classes and they were delighted to be there every class because Patricia has the talent to teach the little ones in a fun way. As a Spanish speaker I can endorse the Academy as your best choice for kids that have the desire to learn Spanish in Toronto.

Fernando Cordova

My daughter was attending the online lectures, she really enjoyed them she was very happy and was able to learn new words and now she can communicate very well in Spanish, Patricia did an amazing job, she conducted herself very professionally and the kids just loved it. 100% recommended!!!

Christina Varga

A dynamic, Spanish-fluent teacher who is able to connect children and adults with the fun and natural excitement of learning a language.

Catherine da Luz

I have known Patricia for some time and she is one of the most caring and intelligent people I know. Patricia always puts the needs of others before her own and is one of the true lights of positivity in our community. I full endorse and recommend Patricia and the Hispanic Open Learning Academy!”

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