HOLA Supports Education

HOLA gives back a portion of the children’s enrolment to the schools that participate in the Extra-Curricular Spanish Program since 2020.

Now HOLA is working in partnership with Learning Inspires Frees Empowers – LIFE Children Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to support educational initiatives for children in need.

As part of HOLA’s commitment to giving back to the community and sponsoring learning opportunities, HOLA is donating $10 from each Spanish class registration to LIFE.

Where the $10 go?

Through this collaboration, we aim to provide:

HOLA and LIFE Children Foundation are making a positive impact on the lives of children and learners who don’t have the financial resources to fulfill their dreams.

If you are not HOLA´S student and you want to be part of this cause and support children reaching education, please visit LIFE’s site

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