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At HOLA (Hispanic Open Learning Academy), we apply an open learning methodology, which is an innovative movement in education that includes adapting to kids’ learning styles; for instance, we use all five senses when teaching. We started this Spanish language academy because we saw children losing the ability to speak in their mother tongue. Our purpose is to help families to keep their mother tongue, as well as to introduce this beautiful Romance language to non-Spanish speakers. Spanish is set to become increasingly important, due to growing trade with the 21 Spanish-speaking nations, including Latin America. It is also useful for tourists going on vacation to the Caribbean, Spain, and the Americas (Central and South), as they can navigate more expertly while visiting these exotic places. If you are an organization that offers services to Spanish speakers and would like to get your staff up to speed, we offer group lessons for adults.​And if you need one-on-one tutoring, whether for children or adults, we can come to you.

HOLA teaches the second most spoken language

-To think and speak in Spanish

-To engage all 5 senses in every lesson

-To have fun while learning

-To study using open learning activities

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