HOLA offers a diverse suite of programs that help students of all ages and levels
to learn and speak Spanish while having fun.





       HOLA stands for Hispanic Open Learning                        Academy, where we embrace and apply an innovative educational approach, by using the five senses and           adapting to our students’ learning styles.

Our method is suitable for learners of all ages, children, adults, digital nomads, and retirees seeking Spanish fluency. Our purpose is to empower non-Spanish speakers with proficiency in this beautiful Romance Language while supporting Spanish-speaking families in preserving their cultural heritage

  This Language is playing a vital role in global trade and tourism across 21 Spanish-speaking nations, including vibrant destinations like Latin America, Spain and the  Caribbean.Mastering it opens doors to enless opportunities.

Children After School Programs

We teach Spanish to children from 4-12 years old in small groups after their regular classes whithin the school board facilities. Classes are held during the weekdays from 3pm

Group and One-on-One Private Classes

If you preffer Spanish lessons in a group or 1-on-1, we cater your specific needs eiither in-person or online, check our programs to find out what meet your learning goals.

e-Learning Platform

We designed a mobile and interactive learning tool for all ages and levels. Pick the courses you want to take at anytime and anywhere, so you speak Spanish as Latinos do.

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