Children After School programs

We teach Spanish to children from 4-12 years old in small groups after their regular classes whithin the school board facilities.

Classes are held during the weekdays from 3pm.

Programs For teens

The  program for teenagers 13- 17 years old is playful and entertaining. Our Open Learning method encourages teens to participate in class as well as to be independent learners at home. There are interactive activities during the lessons to keep them motivated to practice speaking Spanish. Teens can also listen to our audios at their own time to continue the learning process.

  • Group classes in-person on Thursdays from 4pm 
  • Online classes are available by request

Private Classes

We deliver tutoring online or in-person to any level of Spanish knowledge and to any age group. We adapt our unique curriculum to your needs and special requests. Classes are very interactive and entertaining as we ask for 100% participation during the activities created for every lesson. We teach how to think in Spanish and to speak like Latinos do.  Family packages are available by request only (flexible schedule) . Please contact us for more details.

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